Family Package


This is a two-hour Farm Experience. When you arrive at the farm you’ll have a chance to meet and feed the Clydesdales and our rescue donkey “Murphy”.  He’s a favorite with everyone because he loves to stand next to you, so you can give his ears a nice rub.

We will give you a demonstration in the round yard of how we train our horses, so they are safe no matter what we ask them to do.

We use them on the farm for pulling timber as well as ploughing and moving other large objects. The Clydesdale helped build Australia way back in the old days and many of our visitors have stories of their own to tell us.

Recently a 97-year-old lady celebrated her birthday visiting us and she proudly told us her family used to own a Clydesdale when she was a little girl. Her father used to take her and her brother to school on the Clydesdale, then her father would ride home and put the plough on for the days ploughing. Then later in the day, he went back to pick her up from school. On Sundays, they would hitch up their buggy and their horse would take the family to church.

We all enjoyed a special day with her and her family.

When we have demonstrated the famous “Join Up” in the round yard, you’ll be able to come in and have a go yourself if you want to. Obviously, this is only if you want to get up close with the Clydesdales.

Then we show you how we do “Long Reining”. This is where we use long leather lines and stand behind the horse and steer it through our mini obstacle course. It’s great fun and once again if you would like to have a go, you can. We are with you all the time to show you how it’s done.

It’s really easy to book your visit:

The minimum number of people for our family package is 3 including an Adult.

Simply follow the steps below to select your day and starting time.

Due to Covid regulations, we are unable to supply any refreshments, however, there are coffee shops and refreshments 12 minutes away in Bulahdelah town centre.

If you are using your Discovery Vouchers make your book in here and bring your voucher with you so we can issue you the refund on the day. Remember that Discovery Vouchers are for adults only.

We look forward to seeing you.