It’s a Bargain!

Unlike all other WordPress themes for creative types & businesses, the Magic theme is BOTH visually diverse & truly luminous, just as well as UI/UX optimized & full-on functional!


With a robust Cherry framework at its core and featuring an easy-to-use Power Page Builder, the Magic theme takes legendary intuitive interface of a WordPress website up a notch!

All-star Functionality!

As far as the list of built-in plugins goes, all entries on that list are there for covering some essential functionality. From Revolution Slider to TM Timeline, we’ve got everything you need!

Made for artists

When working on this theme, we’ve put creative businesses and artists front and center. Naturally, this means gorgeous, vibrant and diverse design skins – of which we’ve got 5 to offer!

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Something About Us

Here you can write about your company, but this time we’ll tell you more about ourselves!

While we’ve been working in the WordPress themes industry for over a decade, we had to take our time and do a detailed planning for creating a theme as complex as Magic is. Basically, it took us weeks upon weeks to polish this theme to perfection, making sure that both its visual aesthetics and its functional capabilities are as high-end as possible…

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Looking for a Theme That’s Both Vibrant & Functional?

The Magic WordPress theme is just like that, combining the best of both worlds. With design skins being vibrant, colorful & UI-enhanced, the theme also features lots of plugins, making its functionality fully-fledged.t.